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Town House Furniture Has All Your Furniture and Appliances!

Whether you are moving into your first house or you are remodeling your current one, visit Town House Furniture for all your furniture and appliance needs! Our staff is excited to hear your design ideas and can even help if you are only beginning the process. With our extensive collection, we have something for everyone and can match furniture pieces to meet any aesthetic and budget. Simple updates to an existing home can make it feel new and give you a sense of pride when you have family and friends over to visit.

cozy, sunny living room

Only the Highest Quality for Homeowners

Town House sells living room sofa sets, bedroom and dining sets, traditional and memory foam mattresses, and office furniture. Town House also carries brand-name appliances such as General Electric, Amana, and Maytag. We are an exclusive representative of Maytag commercial appliances. Town House is the exclusive carrier for Yamaha Music. You can find a full line of products from starter acoustic and electric guitars, to brass and wind instruments, drums, and grand pianos. Additionally, customers have come to know, the product on display is stocked in the warehouse and ready to purchase.

cozy family living room

Town House Furniture Also Delivers!

If you need assistance getting your new furniture, appliances, or instruments back to your house, let Town House Furniture help. Our fleet is large enough to take any furniture or instrument from the storeroom to your home. Our professional and courteous team members have experience you can trust. Our delivery specialists take the utmost care of all items to ensure you enjoy your purchase for many years to come. They can even help get everything set up, so you don’t have to lift a finger!

Special Financing Available on Appliances and More

If you are visiting Town House Furniture for new furniture, appliances, or musical instruments, don’t let price be a deterrent from curating the beautiful home of your dreams. We understand the high costs attached to these types of products and want to help you get them in your home today. We offer unique financing options for those you apply. We are happy to answer any questions you have about those options, or you can apply here.

Check Out More Products at Our Showroom!