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J&G Brings Town House Furniture and More to Guam

Jones and Guerrero is one of the oldest companies on Guam, founded in 1945 by Kenneth T. Jones and Segundo P. Leon Guerrero. Over the last couple of decades, the company opened the first tourist hotels on Guam – The Guam Hilton Hotel, The Cliff Hotel, and The Royal Taga in Saipan. J&G opened the first fast-food franchise in Guam with Kentucky Fried Chicken and even held the honor of the highest volume store in the world. Jones and Guerrero functions as a parent company of several successful subsidiaries and divisions, including construction, retail, grocery wholesale, office equipment, and hotels.

We are proud to bring the finest brands and companies to our communities
with our focus on customer service and value. J&G is still family-owned and
managed. Ramona, the daughter of the late Kenneth Jones continues the
tradition of growth and community support and service throughout the region.

original town house building

About Town House Furniture in Guam

Town House Furniture has been in business for 75 years, serving the island of Guam since 1945. We specialize in supplying well-priced, quality products designed to suit a wide range of styles, from modern to traditional, and everything else in between. We carry living room and bedroom furniture, dining sets, office desks, and mattresses.

Exclusive Dealer of High-Quality Home Goods

In addition to the furniture at Town House Furniture, we supply various brand name appliances. We are an exclusive representative of Maytag appliances – washer and dryers, refrigerators, etc. We also carry General Electric and Amana. Town House Furniture is the exclusive carrier for Yamaha Music. You can find a full line of products from starter acoustic and electric guitars, to brass and wind instruments, drums, Clavinovas, and grand pianos.

Check Out More Products at Our Showroom!